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I don't know if you know but I have all the footage that i shot, from the rehearsals for the Tribute show. Shot at the house and at Myth. It has everyone in it, for the most part.

I also have all of the footage that I shot of all three shows The Revolution did at 1st Ave.

This work, I feel, is very prominet in defining the legacy of Prince. It shows everyone preparring for the first show without the kid. The BIG SHOW. The Tribute.

I would like to have an art installation exhibithing this work and telling the story of how I, someone from the outside who had the dare to dreamed so Big and having spent a lifetime working at manifesting it, hearbreakingly coming true in that very special and delicate moment in The Boss's life span. I call it Art LIVE. Being on the inside, apart of the creative process. The Dream.

For me the meaning of Art LIVE is God fulfilling his word, LOVE, when he says, I Love U.

I feel that the exibith would be from a "fan's" point of view and what it ment to Dream, the impossible Dream and making it Real. The impact the experience has had over my life is Again Art LIVE.

I feel that if I did a panel discussion as well it would express the magnitude of the power of The New Power Generation. I only say this because if feel that my life lessons were under the influence of THE NPG. Not just the band but movement.

I feel that with everything said and done I am the best candidate to fully open myself up to the intimacy. I have an amazing story to tell.

Will you help me tell it?

I ask because in honesty when I saw the video paisley put up with you and you saying that anything was possible, i cried. It reminded me that anything was possible. Since that day it seems like the vision was slowly fading away. And when I saw the video, I saw the vision again. And it is beautiful.

can we talk about it?

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