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Sweet Angel

You have such delicate fine taste But you’re much sweeter than before Sweet Angel, Sweet Angel, Sweet Angel You’re so intensely complex You’re like a broken mirror fixed and still i have no reflection You say I should open up those doors before the loneliness Pushes you away from the good Sweet Angel, Sweet Angel You’re my Sweet Angel Yea, I like… I like watching you sleep so much This may not come off as straight, but you’re my man This concept did not fit with the new nakedness So taken away by the sound as my body was tired and sore my mind was cold, my soul was bruised But no matter what I still have hope in you My ego groans as my confidence has gone off out into the atmosphere I am no more , but I still want you to want me too (those words…your fear) until then, I’m going over to the other side of my mind I’m going to the unexplored

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