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Art Official Ritual

I can see clearly now

Just who you are

Having suffered all the pain

I can see all the scars within your eyes

This not in vein

I can see your presence within northern skies

Illuminating In the after glow

Yes I understand now everything you wanted me to know

Come on back

So I can feel you, I can feel you now

I am not afraid of the dynamite

I’m on to you

I waited for you but you never showed

So I went to bed

And I dreamed for awhile

You were dead

So the story goes on and on and on


I had to figure what I wanted

Come on back.

It’s clearly now you are in a terminal self

I can see this darkness in your eyes

This is not a good day

I can see your presence now in disguise

It’s terminating the afterglow

Yes I understand everything lovely and in itself

The love affair

I can hardly find reason to give up reason

Though sometimes it’s extremely hard

The snowflakes in April have shed so many tears

But for some those tears are frozen

That goes to show that my DNA is archived

And awaiting the beating heart

To melt away the cold

I dreamed for awhile

you WERE dead


Come on back

I have to figure it out

What I am on now.

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