Film & Television

68 (Music Video)                                Producer/Director
2 Am (Music Video)                            Producer/Director
Sleep (Music Video)                           Producer/Director
Whirlwind (Music Video)                     Producer/Director
Tilt (Music Video)                                Producer/Director
She Glows  (Music Video)                   Producer/Director
James (Short)                                     Writer/Producer/Director
Mercy (Short)                                      Writer/Producer/Director

The Unicorn (Short)                            Writer/Producer/Director
Hell Has No Tears (Feature Film)        Wardrobe Lead

Angry Black Girls (web series)            Wardrobe Stylist/BTS Photographer
Oh My Stars (short)                             Wardrobe Supervisor
Little Men (short)                                 Costume Designer/ BTS Photographer
Walking Home (short)                          Wardrobe Lead
Tuscaloosa (Feature Film)                   Wardrobe Assistant    
The BadLands Girl (short)                   Wardrobe Supervisor/Set Costumer
Special Ed (Feature Film)                    Wardrobe Supervisor/BTS Photographer
Followed (Feature Film)                       Wardrobe Supervisor/BTS Photographer
Lady Dynamite (Netflix Series)            Production Assistant
Project Eden (Feature Film)                 Wardrobe Supervisor/BTS Photographer
Girl Missing (Feature Film)                   Wardrobe Assistant/BTS Photographer
The Public Domain (Feature Film)       Production Assistant/BTS Photographer
The Jingle Dress (Feature Film)           Wardrobe Assistant