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"One the nicest, most genuine, and empathetic souls in the creative realm that I’ve ever come in contact with." - Joshua Daniel Duffy 

"Talented!!!!!!" Jackie Mcneil


"has a keen sense of connection. I can't think of how you would say it so 'they' could hear it . . ." - Marielena Sal

"An intrepid explorer with a keen sense of composition and style alongside an abiding passion for Prince. Creates confident independent narratives with a kindness in handling his subject and materials." - Jen Merrill

"resourceful, adept at collaborating with various personality types in group setting, and capable of meeting his goals in stressful situations. As an example, he once successfully criss-crossed the entirety of the continental United States with no budget, few provisions, two strange, drunken Texans as co-travelers, and a devoutly Christian driver who relied primarily on religious faith to navigate her late model Honda through torrential downpours at 90+ miles an hour." - Chester Copperpot

"A keen and Vivid eye for photography and cinematography and A well rounded command of all aspects of production work...."

E. Mandisa Subira

"Has a keen eye for detail and fresh approach to styling." - Meighan McGuire

"When he walked on in, with a smile on his face, he had that fire in his eyes, not sure whats on his mind. ... his name was Juiceifer. thats right they called him Juiceifer .." - Jason Angelo

"Kind hearted and quite eccentric!" - Amy Oei 

"Generous and accepting" - Snoti Friday 

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