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Heir 2 The Throne

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*heir - a person inheriting and continuing the legacy of a predecessor.

The term '12 Strand DNA' is a pseudoscience term used by healers and energy workers to denote that a soul is evolving into higher frequency by activating its DNA code beyond its twin strand spiraling DNA helix.

A Journey of a Lifetime


          "i wandered the wilderness alone"

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ANDROGYNINE Continues...

Art Saves Lives

Short Films


"The Nelsons"

By Order of Protection - The Commentary by Producer & Director

Dance Break!

this morning just before dawn, i found myself at my tree, Life. I was digging and digging and digging looking for the truth. All i could uncover were roots, burried beneath the soil. As I sat there perplex and with nothing left, I wondered to myself, what was I doing? So I asked my father "what am I doing here?" He simply responded, "exposing yourself. Now get up and go." As I got up and wiped the mud off myself, I felt naked. Best part of the experience, I was ok with being unearthed. -DreamFirstBorn, Jew

4 U 2017

4 U 2017 Continues...

I started as a seed. Over time i grew into a tree. Rooted within the land of the FREE. 

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question of the day:
when you have ascended, who becomes your alias?






-Art Live


4 U 2017


I am Delivered

like a thief in the night

4 U 2017

Uniting The Voices

The New Power Generations

Speak of  Love

Art Live

Paper Crayons

4 U 2017 

The Art A Whirl 


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